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Case Study

Increase in Leads

Brooker Marine manufactures boats in Sydney and has dealers in Australia/NZ and Asia. With a strong local brand, their challenge was an out dated website. The main problems of the website were unappealing photos of Brooker's product range, a lack of call to action and an unappealing design that hurt their brand. Head Studios worked with Brooker to create an updated website design, setup an e-brochure which helped to genereate leads and ran an ad/SEO campaign which increased their traffic by 43%. The result was a huge increase in leads (over 400%).

Read the Brooker Marine Case Study


Experts Direct

Increase in Leads

If there was one company that needed it all, Experts Direct would be the one. Coming to Head Studios with no website - Experts Direct's challenge was serving its customers through an online portal. Head Studios stepped up to the plate with not only a design of the website but also a client portal and a completely integrated CRM amongst other things. But most importantly Experts Direct was able to start generating a large increase in leads with more staff needed to carry the extra burden - not a bad problem to have!

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Do you want to lose 75% of your revenue?

Right now, you're letting money slip through your fingers by not following up with your past and current customers

Most companies are unaware of how much of a hidden trove of potential profits exists within their current database of customers, they spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising when they could have spent 1/10 of that for the same result marketing to their current clients. What makes more sense - spending $10,000 on an advertising campaign to attract new clients (who are probably all ready shopping around) or spending $1,000 on marketing to your current clients (who like and trust you). The worst thing is, if you don't continue to market your current clients - another company will, who will take the added services that you could be providing and moving front and center in their world.

At Head Studios we ensure you and your team never fail to follow up a client on an order, enquiry or general need. Our customised CRM solution can find trends in returning customers and help you put together a potential client list. The best thing is, by integrating the CRM with our email marketing software, you may be able to launch an email campaign that can sometimes cost nothing (bar your time to put it together) which can have a stronger ROI then spending tens of thousands of dollars on AdWords! Our CRM system ensures you are always top of mind for your customers - and never miss out on that next lucrative opportunity.











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Are you being found when your customers search for you?

Optimising your website for maximum leads is an art and a science. Leave it to the professionals and ensure that you are squeezing the most out of your online presence.

Let us work with you to create an irresistable offer, downloadable content, optimised images and tantalising copy for your website so customers know your true value and will be hyped to get in contact with you.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking

person1 drogon

Within 2 weeks of working with Kosta over 1,500 of our products were indexed by Google. This caused a traffic increase of 74%. also our newsletter subscriber count has jumped by 340%. We just wish we would have found Kosta sooner than wasting thousands with our previous SEO company.

person3 sports

With my web presence I was able to see a 228% increase in my leads. We have multiple lead sources including email marketing, AdWords and webinars. I have had more work than I can handle which has led to me hiring more staff and having to move to a CRM solution to handle the large amount of customer data.

person2 expert

We are on the first page for 'Japanese imports' and 'Japanese import cars' in Australia! This is bringing us 75% of our organic traffic. Also our YouTube views are through the roof - over 400,000 and climbing!

person4 brooker

They professionally, patiently and thoroughly provided a marketing package that resulted in a 400% increase in leads through our website.

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