How one letter from a competitor can make you dissapear from Google – and how to avoid it

One of the scariest things that can happen to a budding entrepreneur is losing their Google listing. Just imagine, a listing that previously may have brought you hundreds of visitors a day suddenly vanishes, and all that business that was being generated from that position vanishes overnight. There are a number of reasons why your […]

5 Important Passwords You Need to Have For Your Website (That Your Developer Hopes You Don’t)

When engaging a web developer it’s important not to fall into a common trap – having someone else control your business. You wouldn’t let your accountant hold your information without having a copy so why would you let your web developer control parts of your website without having access? This is an issue that has […]

Salesforce vs SugarCRM – The Cloud and Hype vs Reality

Recently I’ve been developing a custom CRM solution for a client using SugarCRM and it’s got me thinking about the whole ‘cloud’ term and how companies have confused consumers as to exactly what it means. Just as full disclosure – I’m developing a CRM solution for a client on his own server using SugarCRM. If […]

Scientology, small steps and how videos converts the heathen

Recently I went with my friend to the city and we walked past the Scientology centre on George St. They had recently expanded and for some reason my friend wanted to do a “stress test”. Now keep in mind this guy is a Muslim and I don’t think he was considering joining Scientology, but I […]

A Client’s Greatest Fear – Why Some Clients Make the Leap, and Others Don’t

Recently I’ve had a client who stopped midway through when a website was 90% complete and started being totally impossible. Basically he wouldn’t reply to my emails for 2 weeks, then come out of nowhere and complain that the website was running late. He’d try to cause arguments and threaten me with mediation (even though […]

Annoying Client Vol. 1 – Late with Everything, Somehow My Fault

So I should probably preface this by saying most of the clients I work with are great, and if not great at the very least logical. There comes a time when after you’ve been working long enough that you’re going to run into some a$@#les. I don’t know why I’m writing this, but if you […]

When Companies Lie About What They’ve Done – Marketing Testimonials

Thought I’d take a quick moment to vent – is that ok with you? The thing I wanted to vent about was testimonials on marketing agency sites and a common strategy that’s popping up amongst digital “agencies” that’s complete bullshit and should be illegal. Ok, so here’s how it works. Have you ever been on […]

This is how I increased leads by 400% for a multinational client

I used to read these advertisements you see where companies say “Increase your leads by 400%” and would think – ok, I smell some bull s#$t. That is until I got the results myself. So here is the thing – sometimes a very minor change to a website, a small element can completely blast open […]

Proof how useless SEO companies are

Maybe someone somewhere has had a thought that big SEO companies have more experience or whatever the 2 bit salesman tells you on the phone. Firstly, I’m not an SEO expert by any means but the more I see how useless these established companies are the more it makes me lose faith in the human […]

OneShift – 3 Cool Tips on How to Make a Video Viral

Video has always been an effective medium, however how has the change to online impacted the creative and script choices that are made by video production and creative companies? We’ll talk about YouTube since it’s the biggest online video hosting company in the world. As far as advertising goes we’ll talk about pre-roll ads, which […]